My First Crochet Pattern - Chevron Blanket (Full-Sized)!



8 Skeins of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (Your Choice of Color - I used White, Real Teal, Aruba Sea, and Cafe Latte)
Tapestry Needle to weave in ends
A comfy chair, Netflix, and your favorite tea (not required)

Stitch Abbreviations:
CH - Chain
DC - Double Crochet
dc3tog -…



i want to open a book store that is 24 hours and people can finally go out at like 2am and be like “i just finished the first book in the series i need the next one stat” or if people are just having a stressful night and want to be surrounded by books

I would so help! This is a fantastic idea!

(via magick-mayhem)

Dangerous Situations for Book Addicts.
1: Bargain sections
2: Used book stores
3: Superstores (i.e. Costco)
4: Thrift shops
5: Garage sales
6: Signs that say, "Free, take me!"
7: Giving yourself a present for your birthday/holiday
8: Feeling like you owe yourself a gift (For your troubles--keep truckin'!).
9: When someone else offers to buy you books.
10: When you go in to buy just one book, but see all the new ones that just came out.
11: Cheap online websites
12: Having a credit card
13: Carrying a hand basket at a bookstore
14: Having an overzealous bookstore sales assistant recommending you books.
15: Being left alone in a bookstore.
16: Hell, being left alone near books.
17: Library--hey, free books!...for a few weeks!